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ENNA Brokers was incorporated in 1977 by Angelo Marguglio, Director and Owner of the Agency.  The company’s natural evolution made it in what it is today, a full service, residential and commercial real estate ranging from very small to very large transactions.


ENNA BROKERS celebrates its
47 years of Real Estate Experience!

After having accumulated successes and gained the trust of all our clients since 1977, Les Courtiers ENNA today brings together a multitude of professional collaborators throughout the Greater Montreal area.

We serve the residential and commercial sectors for clients mainly from the private sector. We have also finalized innumerable transactions with small and medium sizes firms and even National companies.

By putting experience, transparency and rigor at the forefront, we are proud to have delivered the goods. We are proud of the long-term viability of ENNA Brokers over the years in a very competitive environment in which the real estate brokerage industry evolves.

ENNA Brokers are members of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the Professional Association of Quebec Real Estate Brokers (APCIQ) and the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ).

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Angelo Marguglio,

Angelo Marguglio


Residential and Commercial Chartered Real Estate Broker
Owner/Director of Les courtiers ENNA since 1977
IC&I Designation for Commercial Transactions.
Fluent in English, French, and Italian.


Angelo initiated his real estate career in 1974 by joining a brokerage firm specialized in land sales and development. He quickly learned the importance of how location affected the market value of real estate property. He sold a multitude of vacant lots and as a result, he witnessed the rapid development and growth of Rivière-des-Prairies.

In 1977, Angelo incorporated ENNA Brokers while joining forces with two of his uncles, Giovanni and Giuseppe Marguglio, who were already veteran Real Estate brokers at that time.  ENNA Brokers grew to over 30 brokers under his direction.

When came time for the uncles to retire, Angelo gradually transitioned his journey in doing what he preferred and enjoyed the most, providing Real Estate services rather than managing a large group of brokers. 

Teaming up with his sister Palma and support collaborators, he has successfully serviced clients and investors with the greatest satisfaction.

Angelo has a great relationship with colleagues and professional collaborators who can all attest to his honesty and professionalism. He has an extensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate making him a trusted source for most real estate needs.

Angelo’s mission is all about results and happy clients. Perhaps, that is why he has had the pleasure to have many repeat customers and numerous referrals who have great trust.
Do not hesitate to call; he is here to help!  514-384-3400

Palma Marguglio, Courtier imm. 514-880-4475

Palma Marguglio


Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker since 1981
RPA Designation/BOMA, Real Commercial Property Adm.
Fluent in English, French and Italian. Good comprehension of Spanish


Palma joined the family in the early years as part-time administrative assistant while she was completing her studies.  She soon became interested in the real estate marked and servicing the public for their real estate needs. She had the pleasure to work with her uncles and brother who shared experience and advice on a daily basis. She worked in a team for years with her late uncle Giovanni who in many ways is responsable in making Palma fall in love with real estate.

Palma had the privilege to enjoy a portfolio of varied types of transactions big and small resulting in a  comprehensive knowledge of both Residential and Commercial Real Estate. Her curiosity lead to completed her RPA, Real Property Administrator offered by Boma Canada, who is the establishes and respected commercial real estate leader setting widely accepted standards in both USA and Canada.

For the last 20 years or so, she has been enjoying working with her brother Angelo, who has been a continuous mentor to her.  The industry constantly evolves, and she strives in updating her knowledgeable and experience to keep up with the trends in various category of real estate transactions.

The challenge of making a positive impact in someone’s life is important to her.  After all, Real Estate involves ”big bucks”, and the decisions are not always easy.  Her guidance is much sought after and much appreciated. It has given her the benefit of many return clients and referrals.

Do not hesitate to call Palma; she is here to help!  514-880-4475

Two independent brokers, Khoi Nguyen and Nelcor Jean, have joined the banner ENNA Brokers serving their clients throughout the Greater Montreal Area for many years. 

Both speak French and English, as well as their respective mother tongue, Vietnamese or Créole, as a third language. 

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

Nelcor Jean


Servicing Greater Montreal Area and Surroundings 
Fluent in French, English, and Créole


Khoi Nguyen, Courtier immobilier résidentiel et commercial

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker


Khoi Nguyen


Servicing Greater Montreal Area and Surroundings
Fluent in French, English, and Vietnamese


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